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Winter Sunday Roasts at Bistro Blackwood
Tuesday,16 July 2019
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It’s a first world problem, but in cosmopolitan cities, trendy restaurants abound. In fact, the plethora of restaurants in city centres is both a reflection of our love of food and also an insight into society’s desire to continually experience the coolest, newest taste sensations. The wide choice of places to eat in Adelaide is no exception to this, and it’s frequently a frustrating quest to find the latest, best one.

Amongst the places to eat in Adelaide that are all vying for attention, it can safely be said that Bistro Blackwood, located in lively Rundle Street, stands apart. This is reflected by the numerous industry awards that have been bestowed upon our team. For example, we were a Gourmet Traveller top ten restaurant in 2018 and this year we received the accolade of Hottest Restaurant in South Australia 2019 by none other than The Australian.  

We are an establishment that takes pride in focusing on seasonal ingredients. Consequently, our menu is frequently updated, and this has resulted in steady, regular custom. Take for example the current Winter Sunday Roast Promotion. This is a highly popular fixed price menu which will only be available until the end of August 2019. For $50 per person, we offer four courses and a total choice of ten dishes.  This includes enticing entrées, a main course of fish or delectable meats and finally a choice of indulgent desserts.

If you think that the combination of quality food and well-priced menus such as this suggests that Bistro Blackwood is popular, you’d be right. A reservation is highly recommended to ensure that you experience all that we have to offer. 

As you might expect for an eatery that is both popular with diners and industry experts alike, easily quaffable wines form the heart of an excellent vino selection. We believe good wine need not cost the earth and we have taken the time to source and stock an excellent cellar. Yet for those wishing to splash out a little more and treat themselves to something more luxurious, we also maintain an exquisite selection of fine wines that will complement any of our dishes.

Our excellent wine selection alongside a great menu, in an award-winning restaurant gives further credence to the need to make a booking to ensure that you are not disappointed nor miss out.

There is nothing quite like a great meal, in a great environment. At Bistro Blackwood we have gone to great lengths to create good, honest food using only the freshest, seasonal ingredients. Bistro Blackwood provides a great ambience in one of the best restaurant experiences in town. We look forward to receiving your booking and welcoming you at our establishment.