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Bistro Blackwood Presents Sam Berketa
Monday,23 April 2018
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Alpha Box and Dice – 3rd May

Unique Wines with an Artist’s Touch

Bistro Blackwood is a quintessential Australian bistro. Every Thursday, Jock Zonfrillo invites a roster of his winemaker friends into the Bistro to show off their drops and chat about their practice and philosophy with customers.

Producing an array of wine in the heart of McLaren Vale, a team of young guns work to push the envelope of Adelaide fine wines. 26-year-old Sam Berketa sits at the helm, the youngest in South Australia to rise to the role of Head Winemaker within an established brand.

Bringing a youthful vibrancy to an industry steeped in tradition, Sam adds an artful eye, marrying science with creativity to carry-on the Alpha Box & Dice legacy; to provide a wine for every letter of the alphabet.

Sourcing grapes from farmers across South Australia ranging from high-level biodynamic and organic growers to “salt-of-the-earth” farmers with no history in wine means Alpha Box & Dice can pick and choose their varietals based on the best produce rather than the yield of one particular source every vintage.

Then applying an experimental and progressive approach, using small batch and minimal intervention methods, wines can be produced based on the merits of the fruit, rather than what’s done to it in processing.

Enthusiastic and young, the team is growing their network and influence as a leading South Australian producer.

Wine making is a kind of art and those who innovate while producing drinkable products deserve their place at the top of your Adelaide wine selection. This is the obvious case with the top wines that Alpha Box & Dice are gaining a reputation for. To make sure you try the best that Alpha Box and Dice has to offer, as well as hear from Sam Berketa, book your table now for the 3rd of May.