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An evening with Ngeringa – 1st November
Friday,26 October 2018

An evening with Ngeringa, featuring wine and fresh produce

November 1st will mark Bistro Blackwood’s first event where they feature a winemaker as well as a producer. They are starting off strong on their first night with Ngeringa Vineyards who will be showcasing 4 excellent wines and supplying fresh produce for a 3 course meal.

Ngeringa is a hidden gem of a vineyard located in the southern region of the Adelaide Hills. They are a biodynamic vineyard, meaning that they operate using organic methods to grow and nurture their produce. Chemical pesticides are avoided and organic composts and fertilizers are used to help protect the grapes and help them to grow. In addition, the vineyard operates to a planting calendar according to astronomical arrangements. Ngeringa uses soil supplements that follow formulas created by Australian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Rudolf was known for his attempts to bridge the gaps between spirituality and science. Overall, biodynamic farming operates according to an ethic that sees the land as a ‘living and receptive organism’.

Vibrant Flavours

It is widely accepted among wine critics that wines made using biodynamic principles have are more vibrant in flavour. They are also visibly clearer and also stronger, with some experts saying that the wines are more floral than those using other techniques.

Ngeringa is a small vineyard, lovingly tended to by Erinn and Janet Klein. Running the vineyard has become a passion for Erinn and Janet and producing fine wine-making grapes is a way of life for them. Also calling the vineyard home are highland cattle, sheep, chickens and guinea fowl. The vineyard also boasts a vegetable garden and orchard producing fresh fruit and vegetables. Such is the quality of Erinn and Janet’s produce that their goods in high demand from some of the finest restaurants in Adelaide.

Not only are the grapes grown on the vineyard, but the wines are also made and bottled on site. The same organic and biodynamic principles are maintained throughout the process, helping to ensure high-quality wines that will be a complement to the finest of meals.

Coming to Bistro Blackwood

We are delighted to be able to welcome Erinn and Janet to our bistro in November. Here, they will be introducing some of their finest wines and other produce. In addition to showing off their wines, Erinn and Janet will also be happy to speak with anybody about the practices that help them to make such splendid offerings.

We will be spoilt with wines from their vineyard such as:


A wine that is dominated by the flavours of red berries, with hints of fresh bread dough and orange zest. This wine has an essence of summer about it with a degree of rusticity.


This fruity red has a hint of oregano, thyme and spices. It is fresh on the mouth and has been made to drink straight away, but will still mature with age.


A Chardonnay that is so smooth that it feels almost like very fine chalk dust on the mouth. You can also detect jasmine green tea, cultured butter and dandelions.


This Syrah is bursting with berries, violets and liquorice. The process of extracting tannins from the skins of the grapes has created a wine that has a soft texture.

Join Us

We wish to invite you to join us at 6PM on November 1st to enjoy the fine produce form the Ngeringa vineyard. Tickets are not required but you will need a reservation for a table. We will be serving a set menu at $65 per person, drinks not included.